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ISBN: 9781840021127
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Shalom Bomb

Bernard Kops

PaperBack (14 Mar 2000)

Bernard Kops emerged out of the fifties ‘angry young man’ explosion and quickly established himself as a one-man opposition to the intellectual and political hypocrisies which engulfed the theatre Establishment of that chaotic era. Shalom Bomb takes its name from the author’s poem, which expresses his anguish at living in a dangerous world. Kops was winner of the Time Out award for Best Play of 1993 for Dreams of Anne Frank. His plays are informed by his childhood poverty and also by the Second World War that followed, which none of his Dutch-Jewish relatives survived.

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ISBN13 9781840021127
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 242


"A white-knuckle ride through his life with Kops at your shoulder - always disarmingly honest, infuriating, suicidally optimistic and a brilliant companion" Joanna Lumley

'Kops allows life to flow over him, never losing his sense of sheer delight, in its size, its possibilities and its outrageousness.' The Guardian

'A writer of outstanding talent.' The Sunday Times

'Aboundingly honest, aboundingly alive.' Times Literary Supplement