Page extent: 112
ISBN: 9781840029628
Binding: HardBack

To Set Prometheus Free: Essays on Religion, Reason and Humanity

A C Grayling

HardBack (01 Dec 2009)

In 2007 Anthony Grayling wrote Against All Gods, a collection of polemical essays attacking religion. Now in To Set Prometheus Free he develops those themes more comprehensively, unpicking the claims and arguments of religious apologists, summarising the views of his fellow secularist (Bertrand Russell in particular detailing the controversy  over 'Intelligent Design' and outlining his personal, naturalistic world-view.

He robustly calls for humanity to choose deliverance from religion because, as he puts it, 'large portions of mankind remain in some degree in thrall to myths dating from an ignorant and illiterate past.'

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ISBN13 9781840029628
Binding HardBack
Page Extent 112



'For some years, AC Grayling and Richard Dawkins have been the good cop/bad cop of anti-religious thought. Dawkins publicly fights fire with fire, while Grayling has opted for a gentler advocacy of humanist values.' Guardian