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Richard Shannon

PaperBack (05 Jan 2012)

Good Friday 1612. High on a hill in the wild and lawless area of Pendle, a secret meeting is held at Malkin Tower. By the end of the year, most of those present have been sentenced to death at Lancaster Castle - hanged for the crime of witchcraft.

This powerful play attempts to unravel the mysteries behind one of England’s most famous trials, that of the notorious Pendle Witches. Did Alice Nutter and the others really take part in a witches’ Sabbat? Or were these Pendle folk innocent victims at a time of persecution, paranoia and superstition? Sabbat imagines the events leading up to the trial and execution of The Lancashire Witches and asks: who held the real power behind the tightly closed doors of Pendle? How many lives were destroyed by laws born out of fear?

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ISBN13 9781849432467
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


"A truly remarkable and moving play, Sabbat brings to life the history of the Lancashire witch trials. With an outstanding script, compelling acting, and wonderful direction by Amy Leach, this is definitely a must-see.” - A Younger Theatre

"Amy Leach’s economical, in-the-round production almost feels like a chamber version of Miller’s great play." [The Crucible] - The Guardian

“Profoundly engaging… an ageless human story… Theatre stripped bare at its very best, and proof that female characters of any era can be commanding, complex and well written.” – Public Reviews

“A powerful and moving drama played by an excellent small cast.” - British Theatre Guide

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