Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781786821010
Binding: PaperBack

Run the Beast Down

Titas Halder

PaperBack (24 Jan 2017)

Charlie has stopped sleeping. His neighbour’s cat has been dismembered. And worse, he’s being haunted by an urban fox. In a haze of neon-soaked insomnia, lines blur between reality and fantasy.

A wild hallucinogenic mystery, Run The Beast Down is an exhilarating monologue play, combining elements of storytelling, dark comedy and magical realism.

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ISBN13 9781786821010
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 88


Run the Beast Down, the debut play from writer, director and musician Titas Halder, is a bewildering, kaleidoscopic tale of an impressionable young man gradually losing his sanity, realised with compelling intensity by director Hannah Price and sole star Ben Aldridge.” Fergus Morgan, The Stage 

“Beautifully written, superbly acted and equally disturbing.” Beth Robson, Kent Online 

“A propulsive fairytale-like narrative – Grimm Brothers for the VICE age.” B.L Sherrington, Litro Magazine 

“A compelling meditation on class, masculinity and self-worth.” Matt Breen, Time Out London

“Titas Halder's assured and eloquent debut.” Paul Taylor, Independent

“Titas Halder has marked himself out as a major talent to watch.” Mike Shaw, The Void

“Halder’s play is beautiful, provocative, visceral.” Stephen Collins, Live Theatre

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