Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781786821768
Binding: PaperBack


Emma Donoghue

PaperBack (07 May 2017)

Kidnapped as a teenage girl, Ma has been locked inside a purpose built room in her captor’s garden for seven years. Her five year old son, Jack, has no concept of the world outside and happily exists inside Room with the help of Ma’s games and his vivid imagination where objects like Rug, Lamp and TV are his only friends. But for Ma the time has come to escape and face their biggest challenge to date: the world outside Room.

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ISBN13 9781786821768
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


'The strength of a mother’s love in Emma Donoghue’s book-turned-film-turned-play speaks volumes... The performances from White, Wilding, McKenna and Lufadeju are superb... Cora Bissett and Kathryn Joseph’s lyrics are also perceptive in their ability to emphasise the mayhem of the situation. At first glance Room appears to be a story solely about Ma escaping, but it is also about the characters adapting to what freedom really is...  the production succeeds in showing the resolute resourcefulness of people striving to survive.' Exeunt

'An unlikely but powerful stage adaptation... Donoghue, writer of both book and the movie, has now worked with a team including director-musician-lyricist Cora Bissett and musician-lyricist Kathryn Joseph to turn her story into a moving play that’s reinforced with sombre, sensitive songs.' Time Out ★★★★

'While the 2015 movie version embraced realism, her stage version celebrates the  original's inherent theatricality... As in the novel, this production makes Jack's inner monologue the prime narrative but in a coup de theatre, Little Jack is shadowed by Big Jack who provides that narrative voice. It's a deeply satisfying device that helps drive the drama while remaining true to the spirit of the source work... Ma's inner monologue is expressed in song and Bissett and Kathryn Joseph's musical numbers add a further dimension to Donoghue's gripping story [in] so rich a theatrical piece.' The Stage ★★★★

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