Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781849430395
Binding: PaperBack

Red Plush and Trombones: The Lonely Trilogy

Charles Dyer

PaperBack (21 Apr 2011)

Includes the plays Rattle, Mother Adam and Staircase

Sir Harold Hobson (Sunday Times) coined the phrase The Lonely Trilogy to include Rattle (Garrick Theatre, 1962-3), Mother Adam (Arts Theatre, 1971) and Staircase (RSC, 1966-67), plays which have been in constant production throughout the years. Of the middle duologue, Hobson wrote: ‘In Mother Adam Dyer has written one of the few real tragedies of our time... It is more disturbing; it has deeper resonances; it is more beautifully written, with an imagination at once exotic and desperately familiar; it has a profounder pity, and a more exquisite falling Close.’

The eminent American journalist Walter Winchell wrote of Dyer’s ‘Profound thoughts and emotions expressed with humour... People in the shadows discovering sunshine in each other.’

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ISBN13 9781849430395
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


"Oberon have done the world a service in publishing The Lonely Trilogy, thus allowing a new readership to discover [Dyer's] work. One hopes that producers and directors might also be tempted to revive some of these plays. They have much to commend for small companies... This internally allusive trilogy also gives good actors excellent opportunities, as can be seen from the list of those that have played the various roles.” – British Theatre Guide

"These plays are both tragic and's good to see them in print again, ready to be discovered by the next generation of students and actors" – The Stage

“Another lost gem... with a special resonance for anyone who laments the passing of poetic writing in the theatre” – What’s On Stage on 'Mother Adam'

“Mother Adam’ is a strangely transfixing oddity… Dyer’s linguistic flair puts contemporary writers to shame…. His text, much of which strays into a concocted pidgin English, is both muscular and balletic… It’s a real treat for the ears.” - Time Out on 'Mother Adam'