ABBI GREENLAND: I am a theatre maker, performer and founder member of RashDash. I make all the shows with Helen. We always give ourselves good parts. At the moment we’re making shows that are big and messy and angry. I like it when the shows come from our guts and our bones. I like it when the process is intense and full on. I’m not good at thinking about more than one thing at once. I like to drown in it a bit. I don’t mind that sometimes it makes me quite stressed and miserable. The good bits are worth it. We work our way out of the knots eventually. I love the company of people we work with. I love having a creative family of talented and lovely people around all the time, especially when they play music in my kitchen. I love having lots of big creative voices in a making room. Sometimes we disagree. I think that’s good. I have made a list of women that I think are wonderful: Lena Dunham, Nazarath Panadero, Katia Buniatishvilli, Meryl Garbus, Lottie Lenya, Amanda Palmer. It keeps growing…

HELEN GOALEN: I am a theatre maker, performer and founder member of RashDash. I love it when we allow our process to be led by impulse and improvisation. I hate over-intellectualising. I love to be surprised by what happens in a rehearsal room. I couldn’t imagine performing in a RashDash show where I wasn’t a breathless, sweaty mess by the end. I am at my most joyful and most miserable when making a show. It is very rarely a mediocre experience. I am not easily satisfied. I always want to be better. I think the people we work with are awesome. I am in awe of all of them. I think people who see our shows are surprised that we’re quite normal in life.

CHARLOTTE BENNETT: I am a theatre producer and director and producer of RashDash. I am a RashDash addict. I have seen all their shows since they graduated and sing their songs all the time. I applied to be the RashDash producer after seeing them perform at Latitude Festival in the summer. Although I already run my own theatre company; Forward Theatre Project, I had a strong insinct whilst sat on that muddy grassbank that this was a company that I just had to work with. RashDash create work which comes from the gut and so this is how I made my decision to get involved. And luckily it worked out. I currently split my time between working as Artistic Director of Forward Theatre Project who are an associate company of Paines Plough, and being the part-time producer for RashDash. I also take on some freelance directing outside of this. A few scrambly thoughts: I love new plays and working with writers in the room. I love people that make things happen instead of just talking about making them happen. I hate meetings which end up being there only to plan the next meeting. I believe in working for people you believe in. People are the thing.