Page extent: 110
ISBN: 9781840029888
Binding: PaperBack

RAM: The Abduction of Sita into Darkness

Yaël Farber

PaperBack (10 Jun 2011)

A riveting new stage adaptation from award-winning writer and director Yael Farber. In this new publication, Farber (inspired by contemporary retellings) adapts the ancient tale of The Ramayana, attributed to the Hindu sage Valmiki. The original Ramayana forms a significant part of the Hindu canon, dating to approximately the 5th-4th century BC – with the oldest surviving manuscripts from the 11th century BC. Farber’s potent revisioning of this age-old text is a raw and probing contemporary work which places the loss of the Feminine Divine, and thus our lack of spiritual and moral equilibrium, at its visceral core. This is a Ramayana for a new world.

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ISBN13 9781840029888
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 110