Page extent: 72
ISBN: 9781786825100
Binding: Paperback
Female Cast: 4

Queens of Sheba

Jessica Hagan, Ryan Calais Cameron

Paperback (27 Jul 2018)

Queens of Sheba tells the stories of four Black women who have been turned away from a night club for ‘being too Black’ (based on the DSTRKT Night spot incident of 2015).

The story focuses on the rise of misogynoir (misogyny directed towards black women where race and gender both play roles in bias); it is the story of strong passionate women who fight to overcome the terrors of oppression in a racist and sexist society.

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781786825100
Female cast 4
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 72


"What makes theatre? Words, of course, but sometimes plays are wordless. Stages are involved, until they’re not. Visuals, lighting, costume – all optional. Nouveau Riché’s Queens of Sheba is stripped to bare bones and is all the better for it... the poetry and circularity of Hagan’s words are often strong, with memorable refrains echoing through the piece... provides both joy and entertainment without pandering to its audience ." Guardian ★★★★

"[Uses] song, movement and spoken word to examine misogynoir, a term used to describe how black women experience a double whammy of prejudice based on race and gender... gloriously entertaining... unafraid to wear its sorrow on its sleeve... a sharply observed piece of agitprop theatre that has fun too." The Independent ★★★★

"Jessica Hagan’s writing is sensational, incorporating repeated sections of spoken word which play a key role in symbolising the cyclical nature of stereotypes... passionate, funny, heart-breaking yet hopeful." Ed Fest Mag ★★★★★