Page extent: 244
ISBN: 9781783199891
Binding: PaperBack

Pina Bausch

The Biography

Marion Meyer

Translated by Penny Black
PaperBack (30 Mar 2017)

The first-ever biography in English of Pina Bausch: perhaps the most influential performer and choreographer of the 20th century.

Meyer has written an accessible, readable account, with a clear journalistic approach that penetrates the mystique and mythology surrounding Pina’s life. Bausch was notoriously shy of discussing her work, yet Mayer’s research is underpinned by several quotes from Pina herself, as well as members of her ensemble. As well as illuminating her personal life and her work ethic, it also takes stock of Bausch’s legacy and the future for the Company she created.

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ISBN13 9781783199891
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 244


'The book outlines the personal and familial details of the notoriously private Phillipina Bausch... All the important questions about Bausch are answered in this small but heavy volume... The interviews with Dominique Mercy, Jo Ann Endicott and others cast light on her working methods, her insistence on starting the process by asking hundreds of questions, the organic nature of choreographic development and the fact that many of the pieces were still in the experimental stage by the time of their premieres... Work with costumes and music is covered; touring issues are discussed; and there is an excellent chapter on Bausch’s legacy. The most gripping pages lie in the account of the first years in Wuppertal, where as Head of Ballet the young choreographer faced intense hostility and audience walk-outs, until Bausch’s talent was suddenly recognised. Readers familiar with images of the older, universally admired choreographer will be startled by the photographs of her as a very attractive young dancer, taken by Walter Vogel, where her features seem to be marked only by innocence and enthusiasm...This is a perfect book for a student of dance, and will prove to be an accessible and useful learning tool for anyone interested in the work of Pina Bausch.' Mike Dixon

‘Her work undoubtedly constitutes a high watermark in the creativity of the twentieth century, but it’s also something more important than that: she is a wellspring for generations of artists in every imaginable medium. She wrote much of the language in which we all speak.’ Barney Norris author of Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain

'Bausch rarely gave interviews, preferring to let the works speak for themselves. This book gives a useful summary of all her works. The Rite of Spring and Café Muller are likely to prove the most enduring.' Mature Times