Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781783199358
Binding: PaperBack

Photograph 51

Anna Ziegler

PaperBack (07 Sep 2015)

‘The instant I saw the photograph my mouth fell open and my pulse began to race’

Does Rosalind Franklin know how precious her photograph is? In the race to unlock the secret of life it could be the one to hold the key. With rival scientists looking everywhere for the answer, who will be first to see it and more importantly, understand it? Anna Ziegler’s extraordinary play looks at the woman who cracked DNA and asks what is sacrificed in the pursuit of science, love and a place in history.

Nicole Kidman makes her much anticipated return to the London stage in the role of Rosalind Franklin, the woman who discovered the secret to Life, in the UK première of Anna Ziegler’s award-winning play.


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ISBN13 9781783199358
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


'I'd wager that it won't be too long before Photograph 51 gets the big-screen treatment itself, and Ziegler hints at all sorts of additional stories that seem ripe for expansion... As it is, the playwright's interest lies not just in the hurtling advances of science and the casualties such quests leave in their wake but, equally, in Franklin's dual prescence as a person out of step with her fellow scientists for reasons of both gender and religion.' The Arts Desk

‘Engrossing’ The Independent

‘A perfect science-history play, with all the hurtling momentum of a race towards discovery, all the step-by-step deductions, competition and backhanded betrayals.’ Variety

‘A gripping affair’ Daily Mail

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