Page extent: 208
ISBN: 9781783191000
Binding: HardBack

Our Time of Day: My Life with Corin Redgrave

Kika Markham


‘I remember thinking if life had been different, I might have liked to have ended up with that man.’

Our Time of Day was inspired by Corin’s revelation that after suffering brain damage he could remember little of his marriage – despite the fact that for over thirty happy, passionate and turbulent years he and Kika had shared their love of acting, family and left-wing politics with ceaseless energy and commitment.With great empathy and wit, Kika records their lives on and off stage – two great actors from two theatrical families. She draws upon intimate records of the thoughts and feelings that they had both expressed in personal diaries, writing with often brutal honesty. Finally she charts the poignant trajectory of Corin’s illness, from the moment he suffered a near-fatal heart attack during a speech on behalf of the Dale Farm gypsies, to severe memory loss, cancer and his eventual death from an aneurysm in the brain. Throughout these troubled years both continued acting in plays and films, as well as strenuously pursuing the human rights causes they held so dear.

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ISBN13 9781783191000
Binding HardBack
Page Extent 208


‘Stamped by an unflinching and humane candour... an affecting evocation of love as well as of loss.’ The Spectator

‘Riveting stuff’ Simon Callow, Guardian

‘The book develops into what could be a reflective human character study of brain injury. After the heart attack, Corin was never the same again... Our Time of Day captures the exhaustion, the confusion, the unpreparedness of learning to love someone you have loved already; the same man, but with parts missing, parts changed. It is as if you are standing at completely different junctions, having travelled the same path, you are trying to end up in the same place, so you can share again where you have been. Not only are you a stranger to him, but he is also a stranger to you, you are able to cognitively adapt, because you know why, but emotionally, it is a cruel adjustment to make. Corin is unable to grasp what has happened to him. The reality of brain damage—unpredictable, unrehearsed, immeasurable and infinite—is conveyed.’ The Lancet

‘Honest and moving... This engaging and thought-provoking book serves to remind practitioners of the enormous strain families come under caring for their relatives. The compassion the family shows for one another in these circumstances is heartwarming. Kika aimed to give comfort to families going through similar experiences: this she does with her accessible and direct writing style.’ 
The Psychologist

‘Passionately written and at times brutally honest. It contains Kika’s personal narrative and reflections of her marriage to Corin, the politics and passions they shared, all beautifully interwoven with the playwright and thespian worlds in which both the Markham and Redgrave families inhabited. Diary entries from both Kika and Corin’s journals, along with anecdotes and reflections by family members, close friends and colleagues, all serve to create a temporal and rich tapestry in which the author’s own narrative exists...

Kika wrote the book in the hopes it will help others similarly affected and to provide a better understanding of the impact of brain injury more broadly. The book achieves this and will appeal to patients and families alike, as well as those professionals supporting them... In both cases this book describes the reality of brain injury, the tenacity of the human spirit and the importance of never giving up...

[a] great addition to the brain injury literature ... a fitting homage to a remarkable man and Kika, his wife, companion and champion.’ Ava Easton, Encephalitis Society