ISBN: 9781783191147
Binding: PaperBack
Male Cast: 1

Our Friends, The Enemy

Alex Gwyther


The Western Front, Christmas 1914: lights appear from the  German trenches, ghosts rise behind the horizon, soldiers meet between the firing lines. The events which follow are the most astounding stories of the Great War told through the eyes of one soldier, Private James Boyce: ‘We’re fighting the same enemy, just on two different sides.’ Boyce takes us on a magical, haunting journey through the events surrounding the Christmas truce.

Our Friends, The Enemy is a debut solo show combining theatre and spoken word to tell the story of the Christmas truce from the First World War.

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Additional Information

ISBN13 9781783191147
Male cast 1
Binding PaperBack


‘[Alex Gwyther] deserves more than a pat on the back - he deserves, and he is getting, an audience… A timely and simply presented reminder of a sacrifice which should never have been made.’ – FringeReview

‘An even-toned and inventive take on the material.’ – British Theatre Guide

‘The writing by Alex Gwyther, who also performs, is excellent… The balancing of details and scene setting is just right. The poetry and rhythm of the text gently transport the audience into this world.’ – Public Reviews