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Other Hands

Laura Wade

PaperBack (10 Feb 2006)

‘I don’t tingle anymore. I used to. To tingle. Everything I feel, feels like it’s in my hands. Rest of me’s totally….numb.’
In a world of systematic, high-speed technology, some people expect to live life as efficiently as the machines they depend on... and when a machine breaks down, there is usually someone with the skills to fix it. But in an age where things that don't work and can't be mended are thrown away, what do we do with something as human and messy as love?
Laura Wade’s plays, Colder Than Here and Breathing Corpses played simultaneously at Soho Theatre and the Royal Court Theatre respectively, and are both published by Oberon Books. Breathing Corpses earned her the Pearson Best Play Award 2005 and she was joint winner of the 2005 George Devine Award.

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ISBN13 9781840026504
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 112