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ISBN: 9781840020748
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Osborne: Four Plays

John Osborne

PaperBack (23 Jun 2000)

Includes the plays A Sense of Detachment, The End of Me Old Cigar, Jill and Jack and A Place Calling Itself Rome

Osborne here delivers his trademark eloquence, rage and devastating wit. A Sense of Detachment satirises our heartless, profiteering society, while defending timeless human values. The End of Me Old Cigar examines the decadent lives of a collection of leading media figures. The television play Jill and Jack is a comic gem that satirises the conventions of its own genre while also being a close study of sexual warfare. A Place Calling Itself Rome is a powerful reworking of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.

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ISBN13 9781840020748
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 240