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Robert Icke

PaperBack (29 May 2015)

Orestes' parents are at war. A family drama spanning several decades, a huge, moving, bloody saga, Aeschylus' greatest and final play asks whether justice can ever be done - and continues to resonate more than two millennia after it was written.

Following Mr Burns and 1984, Almeida Associate Director Robert Icke radically reimagines Oresteia for the modern stage, in its first major London production in more than a decade. Lia Williams returns to the Almeida as Klytemnestra.

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ISBN13 9781783199006
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


One of Michael Billington's top 10 plays of 2015

'In a year packed with Greek tragedy, this was the most adventurous of all raids on the Attic.' Michael Billington, Guardian

‘This Oresteia is a stunning start to the Almeida’s six-month season of Greek drama… [The] newly minted first act is a masterpiece… Icke underpins all the mythic resonance here with a razor eye for domestic and psychological detail… the sheer amount of ambition and skill in this quiet riot of theatricality is so great that this still grips, surprises and unsettles throughout. Huge themes, ordinary people, great performances, big success.’ The Times ★★★★ 

'This is Aeschylus for the modern age, rightly leaving us to draw our own conclusions about the shaky premises on which political leaders go to war...there is no denying the wit and ingenuity of Icke’s production... It’s a stirring production that whets the appetite for an Almeida season that, as Rupert Goold has said, aims to take the Greeks out of the Attic.' Guardian ★★★★ 

'It challenges the patriarchal assumptions of the playwright’s tragic trilogy. It dispenses with staging conventions. Yet this is not destruction but revelation. You can almost see the dust flying off the old master... Yet the dark humour of the speech is marvellously captured. As is the contrast between private and public utterance, with video and mics being used – for once – to exceptionally good effect... All this in one tremendous evening.' Observer 

'Aeschylus' Oresteia might be the cornerstone of Western drama, but it's not an easy ask. However, in adaptor/ director Robert Icke's outstanding modern updating, which acheives the hurtling momentum of the best box-sets, it's slickly compelling viewing... suffice to say there's a firm sense... of a man in full and joyous command of his complex material... This is Greek drama humanised and modernised and it's a tremendous acheivement.' Evening Standard