ISBN: 9781783191222
Binding: PaperBack

The Open House

Will Eno


People have been born into families since people started getting born at all. Playwrights have been trying to write Family Plays for a long time, too. And typically these plays try to answer endlessly complicated questions of blood and duty and inheritance and responsibility. They try to answer the question, "Can things really change?" People have been trying nobly for years and years to have plays solve in two hours what hasn't been solved in many lifetimes. This has to stop. The Open House is an hour and twenty minutes, with no intermission.

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ISBN13 9781783191222
Binding PaperBack


‘Mr. Eno…has established himself as one of the most vital, distinctive voices in the American theater over the past decade. Once encountered, his style is not likely to be forgotten: wryly humorous and deeply engaged in the odd kinks and quirks of language and its fuzzy relationship to meaning, his plays are also infused with a haunted awareness of, and a sorrowful compassion for, the fundamental solitude of existence.’ -  New York Times

‘If the American family drama were a trout … playwright Will Eno would gut it, shellac it, mount it on a plaque and make it wiggle and croon “Take Me to the River.” … his work combines studied banality, sneaky weirdness and formal ingenuity.’ – Time Out

‘Anarchic and deliciously clever…’ – Huffington Post