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One Thing And Another

Selected Writings 1954-2016

Ian Greaves, Jonathan Miller

PaperBack (01 Mar 2017)

‘Do you sometimes think that you might wish that you were a national treasure, like Alan Bennett?’
‘I’m rather glad I’m not. I’m quite pleased to be what I  think I am, which is a sort of national liability.’

Over the course of seven decades, Jonathan Miller has been at the forefront of developments in theatre, opera, comedy, philosophy and scientific debate. This new collection brings together the very best of his acerbic writing. In keeping with Miller’s grasshopper mind, One Thing and Another leaps from discussions of human behaviour, atheism, satire, cinema and television, to analysis of the work of M. R. James, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens and Truman Capote, by way of reflections on directing Shakespeare, Chekhov, Olivier and opera. A celebrated conversationalist, the book also features a selection of key interviews focusing on his working method. Jonathan Miller is internationally celebrated as one of the last great public intellectuals. Read One Thing and Another to find out why.

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ISBN13 9781783197453
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 464


'Miller, in these writings, brings his innate microscopic curiosity to bear upon considerations of theatre, film and television as well as the other arts, and in true scientific vein, is constantly asking questions about ‘what we do’ and ‘why we do it’, which others working in these fields might simply take for granted. Thus he asks in 1987: why do we laugh? And in 1998, as part of a discussion of reflections in paintings: how is it that when we look into a mirror we know instantly, from an early age, that it is ourselves staring back at us?... expertly edited (with copious explanatory end-notes) by Ian Greaves. For students and teachers of screen studies, the book is a valuable addition since it reproduces previously difficult-to-access writings by Miller, including 1960s film reviews for various magazines, and his James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture to the 1983 Edinburgh Television Festival. But of most value in this regard is the inclusion of the transcripts of his famous 1964 television interview with American cultural critic Susan Sontag which Miller conducted for the BBC’s flagship arts programme, Monitor.' Prof John Cook, Learning on Screen

‘Anything written or spoken by Jonathan Miller is to be treasured. This stunning collection is a must. The famous keen intelligence, the scholarship, the laugh-out-loud wit and humor, all in Miller’s incomparable prose make this work a necessary addition to your library. In fact, considering its range, this book could just about be your library.  Make a friend’s year. Pick up two copies.’ Dick Cavett

One Thing and Another is indeed a further fascinating ramble round subjects that intrigue Dr Miller. They range from getting stuck in rehearsal to Erving Goffman’s revelations as non-verbal communication. Compelling stuff.’ Max Stafford-Clark

‘Jonathan Miller changed my life so often and made it so much better that were he to become a religion I should immediately renounce apostasy and join.’ Eric Idle

'Again and again, essays on random subjects prove fascinating and help to feed into the reader's understanding of the man and his careers both as a doctor with an interest in the human brain and a theatre director with similar leanings... There is much to enjoy in this book, “King Lear in Rehearsal” proving such a revelation that it is literally the best instructive piece on the subject that this reviewer has ever had the good fortune to read... One Thing and Another is undoubtedly a great read as a means to learn about directing plays and more. It is also a superb opportunity to follow a butterfly mind into myriad fascinating topics.' British Theatre Guide

'What's remarkable about Miller, who is now 82, is the fresh eye he has always brought to an astonishing variety of subjects... These piece stretch for six decades... and there isn't one item which isn't lively and stimulating.' Benedict Nightingale, The Oldie

'Fascintating... has many delights.' The Jewish Chronicle