Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781786821867
Binding: PaperBack

Of Kith and Kin

Chris Thompson

PaperBack (15 Sep 2017)

Daniel and Oliver are about to have their first baby. With their best friend, Priya, acting as surrogate, they’ve turned the study into a nursery and the bottles are sterilised. All that’s missing is the bundle of joy they’ve been pining for.

But when Daniel’s chaotic mother gatecrashes the baby shower with a few home truths, the cracks in Daniel and Oliver’s relationship begin to show. Are they as ready for this as they think they are? And more importantly, is Priya?

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ISBN13 9781786821867
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


'Chris Thompson's timely, riveting tragicomedy is possibly the best British gay-themed play since My Night With Reg, which is particularly notable because it really couldn't have been written until now... Thompson affords his flawed, relatable characters the luxury of following entirely their own trajectory: they are wonderfully ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Their sexual orientation doesn't, or shouldn't, matter, it's their humanity and suitability as parents that is under scrutiny... the script is taut, tense, modern and, in a cracking second half, surprisingly moving... The play's gut-wrenching, unexpected conclusion feels a million miles, and a wealth of human experience, away from its jokey opening, but the journey to get there is a fascinating, sometimes painful one. It's also frequently laugh-out-loud funny, extremely thought-provoking... Thompson has given us a hugely satisfying new play.' What's On Stage ★★★★

'Thompson's play moves through three, very different, acts. The breezy humour of the first is soon consumed by the courtroom drama of the second, before ending with a mediation on how toxic upbringings, secrets and lies can corrode a relationship... These emotionally broken, even dislikeable, characters probably aren’t people you’d wish to spend any time with, but their neuroses and insecurities are fascinating to watch... a funny, biting and chilling comedy about surrogacy and family.' The Stage ★★★★

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