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Meredith Oakes: Collected Plays

Meredith Oakes

PaperBack (01 Mar 2010)

Includes the plays The Neighbour, The Editing, Faith, Her Mother and Bartok, Shadowmouth, Glide and The Mind of the Meeting

Two highly regarded early plays, The Neighbour and The Editing Process (here presented in a revised version) present a study in contrasts: the first a battle of wills between two young men on a housing estate; the second an urbane but despairing comedy set in a publisher's offices.
Faith provides a vision of military conflict as a testing ground for English values, while Her Mother and Bartok focuses on a husband and wife as they discuss their first meeting from the perspective of the less-than-inspiring present. In Shadowmouth a troubled teenager is thrown out by his single mother and is taken in by a middle-aged single man. Glide and The Mind of the Meeting are short radio plays.

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ISBN13 9781840029666
Binding PaperBack
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