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ISBN: 9781840022995
Binding: PaperBack

No Sweat

Lloyd Withers

PaperBack (05 Apr 2002)

"Place is nutt'n but a friigin' sweat shop these days, pal. Don't matter who's runnin' it..."

Chained to the production line in a car factory somewhere in the Midlands, Nas, Floyd, Devlin, Turbo, Doc and Zippy have got by until now - through backchat and banter, and supplementing their income with a few dodgy deals on the side. But when a foreign take-over looms, the gang are forced to question their own loyalties - and to discover just who their real mates are...

Lloyd Withers is from Birmingham, and No Sweat was developed through the Birmingham Rep's Attachment Scheme for new writers. Brash, bold and funny, this is his debut play.

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ISBN13 9781840022995
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96