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ISBN: 9781840025750
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Much Ado About Nothing

William Shakespeare

PaperBack (30 Jun 2005)

In the idyllic garrison town of Messina a group of soldiers, newly returned from war, have gathered. High on the success of battle, it doesn't take long for Claudio to fall in love with the beautiful Hero. As they while away the hours under the Sicilian sun, the group conspire to play a game on Benedick, an arrogant bachelor, and Beatrice with whom he constantly swaps witty insults. The aim of their intrigues is to persuade Beatrice and Benedick, who are clearly meant for each other, to stop arguing and simply fall in love...

This version of Much Ado about Nothing opened at the Theatre Royal Bath in June 2005 in a production by the Peter Hall Company.

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ISBN13 9781840025750
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96