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ISBN: 9781840023596
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Mr Placebo

Isabel Wright

HardBack (31 Dec 1999)

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Ben, Howie, Jude and Tariq. Four guys caged in a hospital ward in the name of medical research. Take tablets, give blood, get paid, go home. And with no drink, no caffeine & no smokes, they're guinea pigs guzzling pills for a fast buck, happy to blank the consequences. All that time to think, and bounce off the walls - and each other.

What's more, you couldn't find four lab rats more different. At least, that's what they think - but, deep down, they suspect they're all surplus to requirements, as obsolete as Betamax. Yet still holding on and still trying to control an uncertain world.

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ISBN13 9781840023596
Binding HardBack
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