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ISBN: 9781840022575
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Colin Teevan

PaperBack (01 Dec 2001)

The tale of the roguish Monkey and his exploits on a fabulous journey to India is one of the most popular classics in Asian literature. Monkey has been imprisoned in a mountain because of the chaos he has wrought in heaven. To be redeemed, he must guide the Buddhist monk Tripitaka from China, through the Himalayas, on a mystical quest in search of sacred scriptures. Helped by two friends, Pigsy and Sandy, he encounters demons, spirits, dragons and gods on a riotous road trip to enlightenment.

With its mix of energetic kung-fu action, mischievous hero and cast of fantastically colourful characters Monkey! is sure to leave audiences as thrilled and delighted as last year's sell-out success The Three Musketeers. Monkey! is an adventure to enchant everyone aged seven and above.

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ISBN13 9781840022575
Binding PaperBack
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"Colin Teevan's new script...offers broad - and refreshingly unfamiliar - popular entertainment while never losing sight of the story's spiritual dimension" - Independent

"Super soarway entertainment for anyone over six" - Time Out