Page extent: 296
ISBN: 9781849431712
Binding: PaperBack

Modern Voice: Working with Actors on Contemporary Text

Catherine Weate

PaperBack (08 Jun 2012)

Modern Voice: Working with Actors on Contemporary Text has been designed to follow on from Catherine’s previous book, Classic Voice: Working with Actors on Vocal Style, focusing on the less defined demands within contemporary drama. Lifting contemporary speech rhythms off the page can be a challenge for actors. Sometimes these rhythms are realistic, resembling or mirroring the speech patterns of real human beings, sometimes they are non-realistic, distorting speech patterns for particular effect. Modern Voice not only provides an accessible approach for understanding speech rhythm but also presents an overview of different types and styles of contemporary text (including the rise of dramatic realism in England, America and Australia). Along the way there are a myriad of practical ideas for directors, lecturers, teachers, trainers and coaches to explore in their workshops and rehearsals.

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ISBN13 9781849431712
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 296


'A useful guide… likely to be a valuable source of advice for anyone trying to help others develop specific vocal skills… the breadth of repertoire Weate refers to is also impressive' The Stage

‘Aimed at absolutely everyone involved in fine-tuning of the human voice, from schools to training academies, universities, theatre companies and beyond… inestimable… superb detail… order without delay its predecessor, Classic Voice’ Society of Teachers of Speech & Drama Journal

'I discovered these stunning books only recently and devoured them with glee. No other texts had previously given such comprehensive guidance on the difference between Classic and Modern styles. Really worth a look for any actor... Excellent group exercises applicable to any working texts - a great set for directors wanting to get the most from their actors.' Anna Boulic (Love Voice) on Modern Voice and Classic Voice