Page extent: 70
ISBN: 9781840023435
Binding: PaperBack

Modern Dance for Beginners

Sarah Phelps

PaperBack (25 Sep 2002)

Owen consummates his marriage but not with the bride. Julia's handyman won't do the job he's paid for. Russell might be the grandmaster of the squalid, meaningless one-night stand, but all he wants to do is hold hands on the London Eye. And Frances...Frances isn't looking for commitment. Not now, not ever.

A series of encounters linked by a liaison in a hotel bedroom, Modern Dance for Beginners is a cruelly comic play about love and sex.

Modern Dance for Beginners was performed at the Soho Theatre, London in September 2002.

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ISBN13 9781840023435
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 70


"If this play were a lover you'd kick it out of bed: it's foul-tempered, acid-tongued and dripping in bodily fluids. So it's quite a feat that it should be such a pleasure, but such is the skill of its author, Sarah Phelps, that however savage her characters, they are also human and vulnerable." Sam Marlowe, The Times