Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781849434607
Binding: PaperBack

Mister Holgado

Christopher William Hill


When little Conrad Van der Bosch claims he has an invisible tiger called Sigmund hiding on his wardrobe, his child-psychologist father sees the ‘lie’ as a deliberate act of juvenile defiance. Doctor Van der Bosch is concerned that the boy is mentally maladjusted and in an attempt to terrify Conrad into admitting that there never was an invisible tiger, creates the terrifying figure of Mister Holgado, a child-eating monster who is apparently hiding inside Conrad’s wardrobe, waiting to consume the little boy. This triggers a battle for supremacy, as Conrad and his father struggle to manipulate the myth of Holgado. In desperation, as the Doctor fails to curtail his son’s imagination, he realises he has no choice but to become the child-eating Holgado.

Shortlisted for the Writers' Guild Award for Theatre Play for Young People 2013.

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ISBN13 9781849434607
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96



'gloriously ghoulish fun in [this] mouthwatering fantasy for the over-eights… a real romp...and one that bubbles with laughter, blood and psychological acuity.' Guardian

‘a Kafka story with a whiff of Brecht and Roald Dahl…Like all the best drama for young audiences, Mister Holgado is a celebration of the power of a child’s imagination. And a very enjoyable one.’ The Stage

'frighteningly funny’ British Theatre Guide

‘A delightfully sinister tale’ Time Out