Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781849431927
Binding: PaperBack

Mirror Teeth

Nick Gill

PaperBack (02 Jul 2011)

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"You might at least say thank you, Jenny. I’ve been out digging a hole for your boyfriend all night. Not to mention severing his legs. Have you ever severed a leg? It’s not as easy as it looks. Not with a blunt spade."

Jane is a housewife. James sells guns. They live in one of the larger cities in Our Country and are both terrified of ethnic youths who might well be wearing hoods and carrying knives,or something. All is well in the Jones household, until their sexually frustrated eighteen-year-old daughter Jenny brings home her new boyfriend, Kwesi Abalo... A visceral, smart, brutally hilarious play about prejudice, arms dealing, and what it means to be English.

Nominated for four Off West End Awards
Best Director - Kate Wasserberg
Best Female performance - Louise Collins
Most Promising Playwright - Nick Gill
Best New Play

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ISBN13 9781849431927
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


“A fascinatingly idiosyncratic piece: one that exposes reflex racism and sibling sexuality in English family life in the absurdist style of Ionesco or NF Simpson.” – Guardian

“Nick Gill’s black comedy is a demented rummage around the more psychotic elements of the English psyche, via the microcosm of the model family… brazenly ludicrous and laugh-out-loud funny.” – Time Out London

“Nick Gill’s deliciously extravagant Mirror Teeth is a vivid and wild satire... its atmosphere of spirited absurdity feels fresh and occasionally even a bit dangerous.” – Tribune

"Like an episode of American Dad! written by Mark Ravenhill after a night up watching Reginald Perrin re-runs.” -The Londonist

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