Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781849435062
Binding: PaperBack

Mind Walking

Tanika Gupta


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Moving, powerful, ethereal; Mind Walking is a celebration of the life of one extraordinary man, the enduring love story of a mature couple and their family.

Bobby has led a remarkable life. Migrating from India as a young man he found love in the UK with his with wife Moira, but as a Parsi Bobby was expected to marry within the community. His family disowns him and as a result he cuts them, their religion and their culture from his life forever… until his mind starts to wander. As secrets and hidden stories tumble out of Bobby’s mouth, his family start to question the truth about their ancestry and shared history. Mind Walking explores what happens to a family when the mind of an old, Indian man, Bobby starts to unravel. This delicate, poetic play tumbles and traverses through Bobby’s memories on an intergenerational journey of family ties, religious dogma and cultural expectations.

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ISBN13 9781849435062
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96



‘Moments of irresistible humour and tenderness, together with the airy and unorthodox stage perspective, leaven the troubling subject matter to create a drama that’s moving in every sense of the word.’ The Stage

'A simple story told in a way that is transcendental' Hindu Times

'intriguing' Time Out

‘a warm, humorous and poignant celebration of the life of one extraordinary individual… Mind Walking is an intergenerational story of family ties, religious dogma, cultural expectations and the role the past plays in defining the present’ Indie London

Mind Walking has moments of lucidity and others that are a mystical tangle of sights, sounds and memories’ British Theatre Guide