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Midsummer / All Hallows' Eve

David Pinner

PaperBack (08 Oct 2002)
In Midsummer, two pair of lovers believe they can transform themselves and each other, with the help of two mysterious strangers. But the Midsummer Night transformations effect others too, and the last Stalinist trades-unionist in England is turned into more than just an ass. When night falls in the wood it is nature which proves the greatest enchanter of all in this modern homage to A Midsummer Night's Dream.

All Hallows' Eve is a psychological ghost story exploring one of the greatest taboos. Sisters Francesca and Lucinda are forced to face up to the erotic demons in their past; as they make this dark journey of discovery they will all but destroy each other along the way. When Arthur, a limping stranger with a sinister presence, opens Pandora's Box on All Hallows' Eve, the past is horrifically brought into the light.

Midsummer and All Hallows' Eve are the Summer and Autumn plays in David Pinner's Seasons Quarter. The comedy Lady Day (Winter) and the messianic parable Revelations (Spring) complete the quartet.

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ISBN13 9781840023367
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96