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ISBN: 9781786822543
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Me and Robin Hood

Shôn Dale-Jones

PaperBack (03 Aug 2017)

I first met Robin Hood in the Autumn of 1975, as a seven-year-old boy, and we have been good mates ever since. Recently, he's been going crazy about the direction our world is heading. He can't believe there isn't a bigger reaction to all the madness. This show is his idea. He's convinced we need to change the story of money and share the opportunity some of us have been given if we really want to do something about inequality and the growing gap between rich and poor.

In aid of Street Child United.

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ISBN13 9781786822543
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 56


'The kindly storyteller from Anglesey is back with an even more stripped-down show than those in past years. Now, his props have been reduced to a plastic water bottle for rehydration. This forces the ingenious writer/performer to rely on his quirky imagination to entertain the punters... The madcap comic tale is as personal as ever, involving father, grandmother and best pal Dylan, as well as the evil local bank manager, an erstwhile Sheriff of Nottingham, a bevy of law enforcement officers and the heroic Shôn.' British Theatre Guide 

'Shon Dale-Jones is angry. He’s angry about the chasm that exists between rich and poor. He’s angry that the system we live in privileges and affords opportunities to those with existing wealth and penalises those without it. He wants to take a stand, to snap the circle and step outside the money machine... As with his show from last year, The Duke, Dale-Jones is using the fringe to fundraise, selling tickets at half the usual price, so that people can, if they wish, donate the balance to Street Child United.
Performed on a bare stage, this is theatre at its most minimal, but the gesture is far larger.' The Stage

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