Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781849434966
Binding: PaperBack

A Marvellous Year for Plums

Hugh Whitemore


Britain in 1956: the Suez Crisis.

Prime Minister Anthony Eden, described by a colleague as ‘half mad baronet and half beautiful woman’, is faced with the terrible possibility of leading his country into war. His health is collapsing. His friends, colleagues and opponents, among them Hugh Gaitskell and Ian Fleming and his wife Ann, are facing crises of their own, crises of conscience and crises of the heart. Hugh Whitemore’s new play is a true epic: a suspenseful thriller, an achingly romantic love story and a fascinating examination of a flashpoint in our history which still resonates today. What is the cost of an ‘illegal’ war?

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ISBN13 9781849434966
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


'This intelligent, well-ordered play stirred some bitter memories' – Guardian

'Whitemore’s concentration on the human follies and affections makes a play that will last.” – Libby Purves, The Times

“[A] sophisticated political thriller” – Southern Daily Echo