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Jean-Jacques Bernard

Translated by John Fowles

The Great War is over. It is the summer of 1920, in rural France. By a dusty road, a girl is sitting under the shade of an apple tree. She sees someone walking towards her. He is a young man, just back from fighting in Syria. He joins her under the tree, and a tragic love story begins.

Often compared to Chekhov, and much admired by Harold Pinter, Jean-Jacques Bernard creates a unique emotional landscape of beauty and longing, desire and disappointment.

Martine was written in 1922 and John Fowles wrote this translation for a revival at the National Theatre in 1985.

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ISBN13 9781783191444
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 80


'"The theatre is above all the art of the unexpressed." So wrote Jean-Jacques Bernard at the Paris premiere of this play in 1922. And, seeing it revived today in the same John Fowles translation used by the National Theatre in 1985, one is struck again by its exquisite poignancy and sadness'  Micheal Billington, Guardian

'A delicately moving depiction of an unhappy love affair in post-First World War rural France. Using John Fowles’s translation commissioned by Peter Hall...[the play] beautifully captures Bernard’s lyrical naturalism, Primavera succeed in conveying its bittersweet tone and subtle shifts in mood. This is yet another great rediscovery for the Finborough Theatre' Exeunt Magazine