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ISBN: 9781786823601
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Lucy Skilbeck: Two Plays

Lucy Skilbeck

PaperBack (14 Sep 2017)

In BULLISH, ancient mythology meets modern gender negotiation. Inspired by Ovid’s Minotaur, a gender fierce ensemble of hopers and renegades try to pass, pack and blag their way out of the labyrinth.

JOAN: An earthy story of courage, conviction and hope, this is Joan of Arc. Performed by drag king champion Lucy Jane Parkinson, history’s greatest gender-warrior takes to the stage, dragging up as the men she defies in this smash-hit show.

A fearless solo play with uproarious songs about what it means to stand out, stand up and stand alone.

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ISBN13 9781786823601
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 88