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Love's Labour's Lost

William Shakespeare

PaperBack (20 Oct 2008)

Love's Labour's Lost  is about the process of growing up. The King of Navarre and his lords swear an oath to devote themselves to study for three years, and to renounce the company of women; but when the Princess of France and her ladies arrive on a political visit, the lords break their oaths and set out to woo them. But if the lords can break their vows of study so easily, how can the ladies believe their vows of love? Their dilemma is heightened by news of a death, which forces everyone to say just what they feel. The celebrated language of the play charts this process, from glittering wit to the honesty of 'simple, plain words', and to the final songs of spring and winter, presented by the villagers who have shadowed the court throughout. 

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ISBN13 9781840027884
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96