Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781786823427
Binding: Paperback

Love Song to Lavender Menace

James Ley

Paperback (12 Oct 2017)

In 1982, two friends Bob and Sigrid opened their new radical lesbian, gay and feminist bookshop, ‘Lavender Menace on Edinburgh’s Forth Street.

On the eve of the shop’s 5th birthday, sales assistants Paul and David take a look back at its origins, its importance, its celebration of queer culture, and how things have changed.

Love Song to Lavender Menace is a beautifully funny and moving exploration of the love and passion it takes to make something happen and the loss that is felt when you have to let it go.

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ISBN13 9781786823427
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 88


'What 84, Charing Cross Road did for literary letter writing and Black Books did for slacker shop keeping, James Ley’s new play does for the specialist 80s bookseller. In an era before the online retail giants, before the pile-’em-high dominance of Waterstones, when even mail-order selling was a novelty, Lavender Menace was a beacon of hope for anyone at odds with a heteronormative world. The Edinburgh bookshop sold its gay and lesbian stock for five years from 1982, its very existence a suggestion that other lifestyles were available... [I]n Ley’s funny and celebratory play... [he] argues that the shop’s importance was not only as a cornerstone of the Scottish capital’s gay and lesbian scene, but also as a place of possibility... Under the pretext of performing a homage to the shop for the benefit of its founders, Bob Orr and Sigrid Nielsen, they run through a history that begins with a Scottish Homosexual Rights Group bookstall in 1977 and winds up with the approach of the iniquitous era of the section 28 legislation against “promoting homosexuality”... sparky and good-humoured... it claims a piece of recent history with zest, compassion and due reverence to the power of the printed word.' The Guardian

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