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ISBN: 9781840022421
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Losing My Marbles

Trader Faulkner, John Goodwin

PaperBack (26 Jan 2003)
Losing My Marbles is a series of hilarious true stories from Trader Faulkner's varied life, describing his extraordinary encounters with Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud and Vivien Leigh, his involvements with the tearaway, womanising Peter Finch, his poignant meeting with Picasso and his unforgettable appearance on stage with the great flamenco dancer Antonio.

Losing My Marbles is a series of true stories. These are events in my life wherein the heartache, error and folly of my youth are transformed into comedy and tragedy, if you can call the heartbreak of youthful idealism tragedy! The result has become an evening in the theatre where people can forget their troubles and laugh at mine. Marbles can be played anywhere there is an audience who like a good story, and there are many more from my picaresque life yet to be told.'
Trader Faulkner

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ISBN13 9781840022421
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96

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