Page extent: 368
ISBN: 9781783193226
Binding: PaperBack

The Live Art Almanac 4

Lois Keidan, Aaron Wright, Harriet Curtis

PaperBack (02 May 2016)
Drawing together all kinds of writing about and around Live Art, The Live Art Almanac is both a useful resource and a great read for artists, writers, students and others interested in the field of interdisciplinary, performance-based art.


The Live Art Almanac Volume 4 is
 a collection of ‘found’ writings about and around Live Art that were originally published, shared, sent, spread and read between January 2012 and December 2014. Selected through recommendations and an open call for submissions, Volume 4 reflects the dynamic, international contexts that Live Art and radical performance-based practices occupy.

Live Art is experiencing a huge 
surge in interest with major museums embracing this disparate area of practice, formerly cult artists becoming household names, and everyone from Shia LaBeouf, Lady Gaga and Jay Z trying to get in on the action.

Reflecting the diversity of approaches and key developments from the last few years, Volume 4 is grouped into seven loosely themed sections: Locating Performance; Performance Under Attack; Speaking Up/Speaking Out; Show Me the Money; High Art in Low Places; Reviews; and Dearly Departed.

This volume includes writings by,
 and about: Ai Weiwei, Pussy Riot,
Tim Etchells, Karen Finley, Vaginal Davis, Ann Magnuson, Shaheen Merali, Jennifer Doyle, Marilyn Arsem, Guy Brett, Nigel Charnock, Claire Bishop, Bryony Kimmings, Matthew Barney, Coco Fusco, Stuart Hall, Miley Cyrus, Petr Pavlensky, Reverend Billy, Ron Athey, Mike Kelley, Oreet Ashery, CHRISTEENE, Marcia Farquhar, Morgan Quaintance, Adrian Howells, Amelia Abraham, Brian Boucher, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Mat Fraser, José Esteban Muñoz, Kembra Pfahler, Hennessy Youngman, Joan Rivers, Mykki Blanco, Monica Ross, Wu Tsang, boychild, Wendy Houstoun, the vacuum cleaner and many more.

The Live Art Almanac Volume 4 is published by Live Art Development Agency and Oberon Books.

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ISBN13 9781783193226
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 368


'Looking through this new volume of the Almanac today, it strikes me that one of its most valuable gifts is to place these pieces of writing alongside one another. When we skip around the internet, following shared links or cherry-picking from search results, the journeys we take may be wonderfully meandering but they can also lead us into an echo chamber... the act of bringing these varied responses together means that, for readers of this publication at least, [a piece] will be remembered not for any one response, but for the breadth and variety of reactions it inspired; to the work, to the surrounding controversy, and to one another.' Megan Vaughan, Programmes Manager at LADA