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ISBN: 9781840028232
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Little Wolf's Book of Badness

Anthony Clark, Ian Whybrow, Ian Whybrow

PaperBack (12 Dec 2007)
Little Wolf is a Goody Four-Paws. He brushes his teeth, says please and thank you and is always in bed on time. This simply will not do...
Join him on the journey to Cunning College where he has been sent to learn the Nine Rules of Badness from the growliest greediest ghastliest Wolf of all: Uncle Bigbad!
Mischief, comedy and songs create a most dastardly musical for anyone very bad (or wanting to be bad) aged five years and above.

This adaptation of Ian Whybrow's Little Wolf's Book of Badness by Anthony Clark, with original music by Conor Linehan, was first performed in December 2007 at the Hampstead Theatre.

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ISBN13 9781840028232
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96