Page extent: 168
ISBN: 9781786821843
Binding: PaperBack

Lions and Tigers

Tanika Gupta

PaperBack (31 Aug 2017)

Based on the true story of her great uncle and freedom fighter Dinesh Gupta, Lions and Tigers is Tanika Gupta’s most personal play yet. It charts Dinesh Gupta’s emotional and political awakening as this extraordinary 19 year old pits himself against the British Raj.

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ISBN13 9781786821843
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 168


'Tanika Gupta's deft and illuminating play... delicately picks its way through the ethical dilemmas... the storytelling is clear, bright, compelling and often witty... [a] sympathetic and wise exploration of how it felt to be caught up in such a painful and critical period of history.' Financial Times ★★★★★

'This ambitious, driving play... swings from dense history lecture to intimate storytelling, where Gupta’s writing is at its most playful and potent... friends and family spar and banter; this is where Gupta makes her sharpest and funniest observations about politics, gender roles and internalised oppression.' The Guardian ★★★★

'Rather than dwelling on partition’s effects, Tanika Gupta’s new play celebrates the spirit of independence that preceded it... she offers a fresh perspective on familiar history — and on well-known figures such as Nehru and Gandhi.' Evening Standard ★★★★

'Tanika Gupta's new play... achieves balance, not spin... constantly reveal[s] both our capacity for cruelty and humanity.' WhatsOnStage ★★★★

'What comes across strongly is the sense of a youth revolution... the cast playing Dinesh’s family and friends bring warmth to Gupta’s incisive account of the web of politics and everyday abuses in which India was caught... a powerfully illuminating look at history.' The Stage