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ISBN: 9781840022278
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The Selected Letters of Tennessee Williams: Volume Two 1945 - 1957

Tennessee Williams

HardBack (07 Feb 2006)
Extending the author's correspondence from 1945 - 1957, a time of intense creativity in his life, Volume II of The Selected Letters of Tennessee Williams covers the production of six major plays, including A Streetcar Named Desire, The Rose Tattoo, Camino Real, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Following the immense success of Streetcar, Williams struggles to retain his prominence with a prodigious outpouring of stories, poetry and novels as well as plays. Several major film projects, especially the notorious Baby Doll, bring Williams and his collaborator Elia Kazan into contact with powerful agencies of censorship, exposing both the conservative landscape of the 1950s and Williams' own studied resistance to the forces of conformity.

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ISBN13 9781840022278
Binding HardBack
Page Extent 662


'Anyone who knew Tennessee Williams will recognise in these letters his living human voice: about his friends, his loves, his hates and, above all, his work. To read these letters is to be directly in touch with him.' Sir Peter Hall

'These letter are shockingly readable. They offer real insight into Tennessee Williams's creative struggles and inner demons but also into his fierce idealism and Southern humour. You end up loving the man as well as the writer.' Michael Billington