Page extent: 200
ISBN: 9781849431637
Binding: PaperBack

Oliver Lansley: Les Enfants Terribles; Collected Plays

Oliver Lansley

PaperBack (01 Aug 2011)

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Includes the plays Ernest and the Pale Moon, The Terrible Infants and The Vaudevillains

Les Enfants Terribles: Collected Plays presents a thematic trilogy of plays from one of Britain’s most innovative theatre companies. As a document of the company’s progress over its ten-year history, the collection also features production photos, design sketches and introductions to each play. The Terrible Infants (2007) blends puppetry, live music, performance and storytelling to present a series of twisted tales for children and adults. Inspired by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock. Ernest and the Pale Moon (2009) is a noir horror based upon a tale of murderous envy. The Vaudevillains (2010) is a dark miniature musical whodunnit…when the owner of The Empire music hall is murdered, everyone’s a suspect…

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ISBN13 9781849431637
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 200


"A talented company with a very sure sense of its own distinctive storytelling style." – The Guardian

“Oliver Lansley of Les Enfants Terribles has found that winning formula of talent, charm and absolute irreverence” – The Stage