Page extent: 248
ISBN: 9781783193264
Binding: HardBack

King Lear in Brooklyn

Michael Pennington

HardBack (25 Apr 2016)

What is King Lear really thinking of? What does his mysterious Fool dream about? What are the secret reasons for his daughters’ revenge on their father? What really lies behind the most famous lines in Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy?

Michael Pennington’s performance as Lear in New York in 2014 was considered to be the equal of those of Paul Scofield and John Gielgud.  This book - part memoir, part analysis, part adventure story - lights up the familiar text and the unique production he led. Funny, candid and deeply illuminating, both honest and scholarly, King Lear In Brooklyn is the work of one of our finest actor-writers at the top of his form. 

Watch a clip from the BBC Artsnight documentary, which features Michael Pennington and King Lear in Brooklyn here

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ISBN13 9781783193264
Binding HardBack
Page Extent 248


"Michael Pennington is a great actor, and a great writer about actors and acting. This book has all the wit, wisdom and passion that characterises his performances. Here is a page-turning artistic journey to an undiscovered country on the map, and in the mind. It brings with it all the touchingly complex humanity that the author finds in King Lear itself. It is written with honesty heart and humour by a master of his craft, and I thoroughly recommend it." Kenneth Branagh

'The 107-week journey through Lear territory is the source material for his latest book. Interesting, funny, whimsical and informative... it also includes extensive contributions and comments from the people Pennington is working with... It’s a good read... I enjoyed the account of how he and Lilly Englert eventually dealt with their notorious carrying scene when he dragged her 'dead body' backwards along a 3ft runway through the auditorium. A man who has worked on Shakespeare all his life and written about it extensively, he is also interesting when he ruminates about, for example, why Act IV is always the trickiest bit of a Shakespeare play.' The Stage

'There is much here which is interesting, funny, whimsical and informative... He moves from conversations with directors and others to robust comments about the industry he works in and the world in general... Part diary, part textual analysis and part reflection... [from] a man who has worked on Shakespeare all his life and written about it extensively' Susan Elkin, Ink Pellet