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ISBN: 9781840023114
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Le Pub!

Serge Valletti

Translated by Richard Bean
PaperBack (01 Jun 2002)

Inventory time in a pub, or rather poeub, somewhere in the world. Life is about to change for Mr Globul. He will go on to fight the inspectors, prompt a revolution, lead the country, lapse into a deep sleep, hide in a crowd of refugees, dress as a barrel and live as a travelling puppeteer...
Globul could be the heir apparent to Ubu and Gargantua. Poeub is a modern epic comedy where Serge Valetti plays with language, characters, clichés, time and space and leads us through an imaginary world as pitiless, brutal and absurd as our own.

Le Pub! was part of the National Theatre's 'Channels' project, a series of contemporary French plays read in translation at the Lyttleton in June 2002.

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ISBN13 9781840023114
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96