ISBN: 9781783191758
Binding: PaperBack

Landscape with skiproads / Book Burning: Two Plays

Pieter DeBuysser


Landscape with Skiproads

On stage, a collection of objects that have played a unique role in our history. Without exception these are the objects that were present at key moments in history. They were there when we became who we are today. When once more a stretch of our path was laid down for us, they were present in silence. With these, Pieter De Buysser, a boy and his horse are on a search for a lost future. A joyful and epic journey is taking off.

Book Burning

History is clogged. There are no more revolutions. What else can we add?

In Book Burning, Pieter De Buysser tells the story of Sebastian, a man he met at an Occupy demonstration, whose life has become embroiled in a WikiLeaks scandal. He follows the man’s search to discover the root of a genetic illness that took the life of his wife and now threatens his daughter, Tilda. She just wants to forget it all.

This is a play about forgetting and forgiving, knowledge and riddles, secrets and the lack of stories. It is a captivating fable, told by a charming storyteller in the guise of Schrödinger’s cat, about personal histories, globalisation and the beginnings of a new world. 

Book Burning testifies to the possibilities of language and the magical power of a radical imagination.

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781783191758
Binding PaperBack


'A tribute to critical thought, the knowledge, humour and art of narration.’ Cobra, Belgium

‘The alliance of the poetics and politics here is simply magical.’ Le temps, Switzerland

‘Accessible, brilliant and…significant in contemporary thought.’ Laure Dasinière, France

‘A sublime jewel that touches heart and mind.’- Theaterfestival, Belgium, on Book Burning

‘The closing image… is... a successful, beautiful metaphor that stays with you.’ – Theaterkrant, The Netherlands, on Landscape with Skiproads

‘Five stars hardly does it justice.’ – Latest, on Book Burning