Page extent: 63
ISBN: 9781840028096
Binding: PaperBack


Gianina Carbunariu

Translated by Philip Osment
PaperBack (01 Sep 2007)

Having moved to Dublin to start a new life, the young Romanian, Madalina, finds herself working in a kebab shop...until her boyfriend Voicu suggests a more lucrative, if not altogether savoury, line of work. Her new career brings her into contact - quite literally - with a Romanian art student, Bogdan, and the three of them find a way of living and working together. Their uneasy, messy menage-a-trois persists until Madalina decides to choose between her two men...

Kebab explores some of the harsher realities of immigration and what people are willing to give up in the hope of a better life.

Kebab opened at the Royal Court Theatre in September 2007.

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ISBN13 9781840028096
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 63


"The plot has an edge and a voice that is fresh and distinctive." - Irish Independent