Georg Kaiser

Born November 1878, in Germany, Georg Kaiser was to become the leader of the expressionist movement in theatre. He was, along with Gerhart Hauptmann, the most frequently performed playwright in the Weimar Republic. Georg Kaiser's plays include The Burghers of Calais (1913), From Morn to Midnight (1912), and a trilogy, comprising The Coral (1917), Gas (1918), Gas II (1920). In 1938, the Nazis banned Kaiser's plays, and he went into exile in Switzerland. Although he abandoned expressionism, he continued to write, most notably, The Raft of the Medusa (1945). Kaiser died on June 4, 1945, in Ascona, Switzerland. He left behind more than 60 plays including The Phantom Lover (1928), The Tsar Has His Photo Taken (1928) with music by Kurt Weill, Two Ties (1929) with music by Mischa Spoliansky, Silverlake (1933) also with music by Kurt Weill, The Gardener of Toulouse (1938), and Alain und Elise (1940).

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