ISBN: 9781783191789
Binding: PaperBack


Richard Quick


And now for something completely different - Simon Callow, theatrical treasure extraordinaire, reprises a success from early in his career. The writer, Juvenal born circa 55AD, wrote sixteen satires that attacked the decadence of Rome in its heyday. Here adapted by Richard Quick we are given a view into the moral decline that is as relevant now as it was back then.

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ISBN13 9781783191789
Binding PaperBack


'A comic delight ... Callow comes on like a foul-tempered and thoroughly vicious Woody Allen' The Times

'Delightfully bilious' The Financial Times

'Spine-tingling moments… The resonances with today… are indeed remarkable: gay marriage; the unequal distribution of wealth; mothers-in-law; the length of time women spend fixing their hair before leaving the house' The Telegraph

'The piece is a fascinating insight into everyday Roman life and the fact that many of our attitudes, despicable as they are, haven’t changed… it brings ancient Rome to life in a way that history books cannot' The Scotsman

'The observation and lyricism delight and resonate' Time Out

'Astonishing effects of [Juvenal’s] expression and his technical use of language' BroadwayBaby

'A highly entertaining production' Edinburgh Guide