Josephine Melville

David Cregan was born in 1931. He worked as an actor, teacher and playwright and had written plays for radio and TV. His plays include Miniatures, Transcending and The Dancers, Three Men For Colverton, The Houses By the Green, all performed at the Royal Court Theatre, London, and A Comedy of the Changing Years, which opened the Theatre Upstairs at the Royal Court in 1969. Subsequent plays, including Tipper, The Land of Palms, Poor Tom, Cast Off, and the children’s play, How We Held the Square, were performed in various fringe and regional theatres up to the late seventies. There then followed a close relationship with The Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, a theatre-in-the-round, where plays such as Poor Tom, Tigers, Tina, Young Sir, Nice Dorothy, The Last Thrash, and most recently Whispers Along the Patio (2001) have been performed.

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