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ISBN: 9781849430234
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Philip Osment

PaperBack (10 Nov 2010)

Looking for relief from boredom and a chance to get off the wing, seven young fathers in prison sign-up for an education programme. They try to use the workshops to settle scores and to rise up the prison pecking order. But they're confronted with more than they'd bargained for, as they face up to their relationships with their children and their own fathers. Self-deceptions, vulnerabilities, and failed hopes and dreams are revealed, unleashing anger and violence that the workshop leaders struggle to contain. Researched in Rochester Prison with a young fathers group, the pilot project was devised at the National Youth Theatre in 2008 and was presented as Fathers Inside at Cookham Wood Young Offenders Institute and at the Soho Theatre to critical acclaim.

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ISBN13 9781849430234
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


"Powerful drama… this funny and streetwise play gets under the skin of seven incarcerated dads who reluctantly join a prison drama group" - Caroline McGinn, Time Out London

"Philip Osment’s brave, funny helter skelter of a play, Inside offers a glimpse of young men in prison, all of them fathers. Cleverley staged by Osment and his co-director, Jim Pope, it reeks of sweat, piss, concrete and steel bars." - Lyn Gardner, Guardian

“A genuine drama of rich texture and revelation.” Michael Coveney, what’s on

"Its impact on the audience was startling and, for me, it was a most convincing theatrical representation of life in prison" - Sir Ian McKellen